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The thought of university-related finances can be daunting, but we want to make it as simple 和 hassle-free as possible for our students.

从学费到生活费, 当你开始和cq9电子游戏网站一起学习时,cq9电子游戏网站会帮助你对财务状况有一个大致的了解.


Find out what kind of financial support is on offer, 如何支付学费, 你的费用是多少, 和更多的.

cq9电子游戏网站的学费将保持不变 就像广告上说的 今年的.

由于大流行, we’ve had to take appropriate measures to ensure the safety of all our students; your health 和 wellbeing is our top priority. 这意味着cq9电子游戏网站已经对课程进行了批判性的审视,并确定了哪些部分可以在网上成功传授, 比如讲座和研讨会.

当然, there are significant parts of our curriculum that can’t be delivered online, cq9电子游戏网站有特权以工作室为基础的教学和学习,cq9电子游戏网站知道这是cq9电子游戏网站课程的重要组成部分. By implementing a blended learning approach in some areas, we’ve been able to establish additional safe spaces for practical workshops, 教学课程及评估, 以及指定的工作时间, 在cq9电子游戏网站的校园里以一种物理距离的方式.

cq9电子游戏网站已经为2022/23学年做了大量的准备工作, 和 we’re committed to ensuring that the full course learning outcomes are met, including all vital skills attributed to 和 required for each course. cq9电子游戏网站也有大量的电子资源可供使用(例如通过图书馆), as well as full access to relevant digital software platforms, 和 are continuing to provide all student support services.

We recognise that the University has been affected by the current COVID-19 situation, as with many other educational institutions 和 areas of society. 然而, cq9电子游戏网站致力于提供所承诺的课程,并为所有学生提供在弗吉尼亚大学学习期间最好的学生体验.

For any queries or concerns regarding tuition fees, please contact our Finance team: income@klubkayden.com.


cq9电子游戏网站致力于提供高质量的产品, 以工作室为基础的教学和学习,学生的专业进步速度非常快. In order to continue to provide all our students with the highest quality experience, 支持经济困难的学生, 和 continue to develop wider access to the University, cq9电子游戏网站需要收9英镑,250 (2021/23), 这实际上弥补了国家资金的损失.

EU students starting in the 2022/23 academic year onwards, 会被收取海外差饷,除非他们的收费评估显示他们可以支付居所差饷.

EU students along with other Overseas students may be eligible for scholarships, bursaries 和 fee waivers which may be deducted from the Overseas fee payable.

Further information can be found on our website under 基础费用, 本科学费, 研究生学费英国退欧解决方案.

是的. 有学位确实能增加你找到工作的机会,研究表明,从长远来看,大学毕业生比非大学毕业生赚得更多. 研究还表明,与学历较低的人相比,大学毕业生找到工作的可能性要大得多. There is far more to higher education than financial benefit. 它可以使人们的生活变得更好,因为他们的知识视野被拓宽了. A higher education qualification means that you have more choice, a chance to find a job you really love now 和 in the future, 和 you can gain skills you need to progress in your career.

你的学费用来支付你的大学经历. 最重要的是, cq9电子游戏网站把钱花在教学上, 以及其他领域,如行政管理, 维护, 餐饮和派驻. We also try 和 keep a surplus to invest in things like curriculum development, 设施和设备. To find out more, take a look at our infographic on cq9电子游戏网站怎么花你的学费. You can find a detailed breakdown of what money we spend 和 where it goes in our 年度决算.

cq9电子游戏网站是英国仅有的15所专门从事艺术研究的高等教育机构之一, 设计和媒体. cq9电子游戏网站提供专业教育已有一个多世纪的历史,享有良好的声誉, 在国内和国际上.

AUB is a compact institution with over 3,000 students based on one campus. cq9电子游戏网站是一个富有创造力的社区,在这里,教职员工和学生都对艺术学科有着共同的承诺, 设计, 媒体和性能.

cq9电子游戏网站一起学习为cq9电子游戏网站提供了许多机会,让cq9电子游戏网站接触到创造性精神,这是大学生活的特点. 学生和工作人员在专业实践和研究的创新项目上合作, 不同的学科, 鼓励合作.

The industry experience 和 engagement of our academics, 和 the advice 和 guidance of our impartial careers service, 意味着cq9电子游戏网站的学生提供了广泛的专业和通用的就业能力建议.

For fees for 国际/ EU students please visit the 国际 pages.

We will charge £9,250 a year for all undergraduate degree courses starting in 2022. cq9电子游戏网站致力于提供高质量的产品, 以工作室为基础的教学和学习,学生的专业进步速度非常快.

是的. 作为一所专科大学, 专门从事艺术研究的, 设计, 媒体和性能, cq9电子游戏网站提供了一个独特的环境,反映了个人和社区在创意产业中合作的方式,cq9电子游戏网站在这里为学生提供专业技能, 知识和信心,以实现他们的抱负和成功在他们所选择的职业. 学习分为教学时间、工作室和/或工作环境时间和独立学习. cq9电子游戏网站提供优秀的专业和技术支持,鼓励学生进行实验和合作.

可能会有一些额外的成本. 例如, 您需要支付影印和打印的费用, materials that you may wish to purchase for your creative activity, 以及教育访问,旨在提高学生的体验,并支持在学年期间进行的项目工作. (旅行费用每年可能有所不同,并与所选择的目的地有关.对于某些课程,资源包是必不可少的. Further information on possible additional costs is available from your course.

If you are a UK undergraduate student you will not have to pay your tuition fees upfront. 政府将为学生提供学费贷款,以支付全部费用,只有在你离开课程并收入超过26英镑后才开始偿还,每年575, £2,214一个月, 或者每周511英镑(可能每年审核一次).

There are no upfront costs for your undergraduate course. You can get a loan to cover the costs of your tuition, which you only start to pay back when you are earning over £26,每年575. 然而, some course kits are essential, the costs of which vary. 这些资料可以通过大学获得, must be paid for during induction week 和 information is available from your course.

在评估学生的经济支持时,要考虑之前的任何研究. If you already hold an honours degree you do not usually qualify for any further support. 当然也有一些例外. 那些选择学习某些资格作为第二本科学位的学生, 例如, 基础学位, 可能有资格获得一些财政支持. 你得跟cq9电子游戏网站谈谈这件事.


残疾学生津贴(DSAs)可以帮助你,如果你在大学,并会因为残疾(包括长期健康状况)而产生额外的费用, mental health condition or specific learning difficulty such as dyslexia). DSAs can provide you with equipment such as a computer, 和个人的支持, 但不提供任何现金. 如果你正在学习全日制或兼职课程,dsa可以在标准的学生财务包之外获得. They are not dependent on income 和 do not have to be repaid.

在英国,2022/23学年开始学习的符合条件的兼职学生可以申请学费贷款. The tuition fee loan replaces the previous means-tested fee grant 和 study grant. 它不会接受经济状况调查. 兼职学生一般不会获得贷款或助学金来支付生活费用. 残疾学生津贴可向非全日制残疾学生提供额外经济援助.

We strongly encourage you to visit our campus 和 come to one of our 开放的日子, 哪些是在网站上公布的. 请与cq9电子游戏网站的招生办公室联系,以获得关于具体课程信息的进一步建议 admissions@klubkayden.com.

想了解更多有关大学的经济支持和好处的信息,请访问 政府.英国/ studentfinance 或cq9电子游戏网站的团队 学生顾问.




如果你申请的是基础课程, here are all the fees you need to be aware of as a 首页 or 国际 student


如果你申请的是本科课程, here are all the fees you need to be aware of as a 首页 or 国际 student


申请悉尼大学研究生课程? Here are all the fees you need to be aware of as a 首页 or 国际 student